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Elevate your digital presence with our remarkable marketing solutions

JAF Digital – an award winning digital marketing company in the Philippines, is proud to highlight the business marketing services that are producing promising results for our local and international clients. At present, our partnership with business owners from different industries all over the world are growing exponentially.

Composed of talented and skilled digital marketing specialists in the Philippines, team members of JAF Digital are continuously making a mark on the field of online advertising. Moreover, we also offer excellent outsource digital marketing services to aid your business at a justified and affordable cost.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be recognized as the best digital marketing company in the Philippines and globally. We want to keep ties with our clients for as long as possible while maintaining — and further improving — the quality and efficiency of services we provide.

Our Mission

JAF Digital’s primary Mission is simple: to provide high-quality digital marketing and consulting services to our clients. To ensure your growth, all of our efforts are geared toward getting the boost and attention your brand deserves. Moreover, JAF also has a mission to extend income and professional growth opportunities to talented Filipinos who share our values of honesty and humbleness, and are capable of carrying out our mission and realize our vision.
Meet the hardworking and competent team of JAF Digital! All of us are driven to deliver the best results for all our clients. Our knowledge and skills in digital marketing is backed up by years of experience and necessary training. We believe in each other’s strengths and work together as a family!

“The road to success is not a straight and easy line, but together we can make the journey an exhilarating and victorious one. Trust our expertise, harness the power of innovative strategies, and let us guide you towards digital marketing success."


“The road to success is not a straight and easy line, but together we can make the journey an exhilarating and victorious one. Trust our expertise, harness the power of innovative strategies, and let us guide you towards digital marketing success."


Our Success Story


Humble Beginnings

JAF Digital was officially established out of our CEO’s desire to share her digital marketing knowledge and source of income with her immediate family, and to adequately cater to her continuously growing clientele.


Continuous Growth

From our humble beginnings, we continued to grow as a team. We welcomed more hard-working and talented professionals to become part of the JAF family. We also onboarded new clients in the US, Australia, Canada, Malaysia, and other countries.


Recognition & Expansions

In the 1st quarter of 2022, JAF Digital Marketing expanded its operations from its main office in Makati CBD to add another office in Ortigas CBD. In the 2nd quarter, we opened our 1st office in Barrie, Ontario, Canada, and another office unit in Ortigas. In May 2022, we were awarded as the “Best Reliable Digital Marketing & IT Solutions Provider” for 2022 by the Golden Globe


Recognition for Excellence

JAF’s commitment to delivering exceptional service was acknowledged by the prestigious Gawad Pilipino Awards, where the company was recognized as the Outstanding and Most Trusted Digital Marketing Services provider. This award serves as a testament to JAF’s dedication to client satisfaction and its unwavering commitment to exceeding expectations.

“ A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all” - Michael Leboeuf

Hi! I am Jevelme Frago, CEO and founder of JAF Digital Marketing. As the saying above goes, our team is driven by our clients’ satisfaction with our work. We put all our efforts in planning and executing digital marketing strategies that deliver great results.

As we welcome more clients, we become more motivated in pushing our limits to accommodate all their business needs. Their success fuels us to work harder and help more businesses reach the top. Take the opportunity to grow your business in the digital realm with the help of JAF Digital Marketing!

What Our Valued Clients Say About Our Services

We take pride in how dedicated we are to providing high-quality services, and the positive reviews of our satisfied customers are evidence of our commitment.

Kristia Ann Mei Antiporda
Kristia Ann Mei Antiporda
This company has been a game-changer for our company in the digital world. Their expertise and dedication have transformed our online presence, generating qualified leads and boosting our brand visibility. Their innovative strategies, coupled with cutting-edge IT solutions, have elevated our operations and protected our digital assets. We highly recommend JAF for anyone seeking to thrive in the digital landscape. Thank you, JAF, for empowering our success!
Gemeh Kromah
Gemeh Kromah
We, Lofa Consulting and NDIS providers in Australia, are very pleased with the services provided by JAF Digital Marketing & IT Services. They have consistently delivered excellent results and we are happy to recommend them to anyone in need of quality service. Their professionalism and dedication to their clients make them a valuable partner in our business endeavours. We have no regrets in signing up with JAF Digital Marketing & IT Services. Their exceptional services have exceeded our expectations and have brought significant improvements to our business. We are confident in their ability to deliver outstanding results and are grateful for their partnership. We highly recommend them to anyone seeking exceptional digital marketing and IT services.
Liss Javier
Liss Javier
Jhie has played a big role in marketing my website for my small business. Her team are thorough and did a complete makeover of my website ranking, from checking all the pages for errors, creating blogs to attract traffic, creating shop pages (that I didn’t even know it exists!) and social media platform. Within 7 days I was able to see my page ranked again on top and even converting into orders. It really pays well to hire professional digital marketing team and it’s a great investment.

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