Understanding Social Media Competitive Analysis

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Understanding Social Media Competitive Analysis | JAF Digital Marketing Services

To reach their customers easier, business owners use different online platforms. Social media applications became the vessel for instant communication between them. A Canadian study showed the massive effect of social media marketing strategies on online consumerism. The evolution of online consumerism has proven its effectiveness in boosting a business to success. It can help you attract customers, reach a wider customer network, develop your brand and keep an eye on your competitors.

Yes you heard it right, knowing your competition in the online world has many benefits. Through this blog, a reliable digital marketing consultant and social media management agency, JAF Digital Marketing & IT Services, explains how we can use social media to your business’ advantage.

What is Social Media Competitive Analysis?

Your business’ success sometimes relies on how active it is on different online platforms. This is why more business owners choose to get social media management services from trusted digital marketing agencies. It is their work to make your business stay ahead of the competition and win on social media. They can do this doing social media competitive analysis among your top rival contenders.

Social Media Competitive analysis is doing an analysis on your competition. Finding out their weaknesses and strengths and comparing it to your own. The results of the analysis can be your way in building a standard for your own in relation to the successes of your competitors. Since most of the information about your business rivals are readily available online, you won’t be scared if this is an illegal move. You are just compiling the information you observe from their social media marketing strategies.

What good can you get from doing this Competitive Analysis?

Doing a competitive analysis will not just help in knowing your competitors. It is also a good way to study how well your business is doing and know more about your audience. Listed below are the benefits you get from doing competitive analysis:

  • You can compare and contrast the key aspects of your competitor’s strategies and measure how your own strategy is performing in different social media platforms.
  • You can do benchmarking on your social media management results against your competitors.
  • You can find gaps or errors that you do in your social media marketing strategies.
  • Create new and better contents for your audience.
  • Identify the correct way of communicating with your audience on different social media environments. 
  • It is a way to know where you rank in your market, in your area and in your industry.
  • You can improve your paid marketing strategies when you compare how your competition uses theirs. 
  • Doing this analysis can help you understand what is ‘in’ and what is not working on market trends.
Understanding Social Media Competitive Analysis second | JAF Digital Marketing Services

Choose JAF Digital Marketing for Accurate and Reliable Social Media Competitive Analysis

Get ahead of your competition, hire JAF Digital Marketing to deliver top notch social media management and strategies for your business. We are a reliable digital marketing agency in the Philippines that offers a wide range of services for established and newly built businesses here and abroad. Choosing us is the next best decision you can ever make for your business! Call JAF Digital Marketing now to book your first consultation!

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