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Stock Up Ways to Start High in Digital Marketing | JAF Digital Marketing Services

In today’s world, everything can be done digitally. In just one click, you have new and advanced knowledge about things. One of these is marketing, doing it digitally can be much easier and safer especially if we are locked inside our homes.

Here are some ways to Start High in Digital Marketing based from JAF Digital Marketing & IT Services, a digital marketing expert’s opinion:

Have a Brand

Indeed, for employees, Branding is a way to define your business. With this, people will have an overview of what your business is all about and help them know if this is right for them.

Moreover, Branding is the first step you want to do to let people that you are advertising. It is a way of introducing yourself to people so it should be original and unique. It should catch everyone’s attention every time they see it. Since your advertisement and marketing will be done digitally, it is good to consider different approaches that will cater to different people all over the Internet.

In addition, Branding can be done in different ways. One of these is the use of names, signs or symbols, colors, and shapes. But still, remember that your branding should mirror your services or products and can show an overview of your business.

Show your branding through your personalized website design and social media accounts.

Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience is a must. Here you can know the limit and boundaries you can offer to different ranges and types of people. Knowing the age, gender, and likes of your potential customer is an important part of your branding. It is because you can customize your posts, pictures, and status based on their likings. Thus making you and your branding be known by more but a particular group of people.

Drawing limits and boundaries will most likely help you assess what your branding mostly needs to cater to these types of people. Focusing on one group can be easier than catering all information at once.

Know Your Platforms

Finding platforms using traditional marketing can be hard since posting flyers and giving out business brochures should be done in a crowded place where many people can see them. Since different people have different preferences, handing it out to a crowded place makes it more possible to encourage other people.

Stock Up Ways to Start High in Digital Marketing second | JAF Digital Marketing Services

These are some of the platforms that can be used in digital marketing:


Facebook is a social media that can easily be used by many. Here, you can upload pictures, videos, and make a status and poll that can be a way for you to interact with other users.

As of 2021 and based on Facebook statistics, there are 2.80 billion active users in social media. Thus making it the biggest social network in the world.  This can be an advantage especially if you can have many potential people seeing your advertisement in their newsfeed.


Instagram is a social media mostly for keeping pictures and advertisements of your branding. It can serve as a portfolio since it has a ‘highlight feature’ where it can stay on your page as long as possible.

Moreover, catering aesthetic pictures for your brand will help you gather followers that might be your potential target.

Furthermore, according to Instagram Statistics, there are over 1 billion active users in this social media per month. Also, Instagram is now under Facebook so having a Facebook Page connected to an Instagram handle will be much easier.


Websites can be effective especially if your target audience is more formal and professional. With that, you needed to give a more detailed overview of your branding for them to know more about your services or products.

Inputting pictures and some phrases as descriptions is necessary. In here, you can put the email address, Facebook page, and even the Instagram handle of your brand for easy access for readers and people who go to your website.

Lastly, starting up a brand and marketing it digitally takes a lot of courage. Doing these steps will be your starting point and as you go by, you will learn more about it that can affect your branding positively and encourage more people on the way. Just do things that you think are necessary for starting but still try to research more about what to do.

Let us know here at JAF Digital Marketing & IT Services of the things you want to know and learn! From positive lead generation, up to effective IT solutions services, you can count on us to do the best, so connect with JAF today!

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