Pay Per Click – What It Is and It’s Future in Digital Marketing in the Philippines

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Pay Per Click - What It Is and It's Future in Digital Marketing in the Philippines | JAF Digital Marketing Services

Everyone around the world is using the Internet. It can be for school purposes, for work, or even just for fun. Ever think of the sponsored ads that show at the top of the result page for every search you did in Google? Or those sponsored video ads you see in Instagram stories and Facebook news feeds? We are not that aware of these, but these things are what you call the Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisement that is commonly used in digital marketing.

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisements play a vital role in every website that you can see on the Internet. Since people tend to not care about these things, the more people that click on it carelessly the website will get more and more money.

Moreover, PPC is considered as a model of Internet marketing that focuses more on the ways of buying visits for your websites instead of earning it organically. It is also considered the most effective online marketing tool that can boost engagement of a website and its sales respectively.

Paid search services often see different search engines that use the Internet. This includes Google, like I said earlier, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Yahoo, and Gmail. Moreover, sponsored videos and posts that are made on many social media platforms are also considered as a PPC service.

Just like I said earlier, PPC has a vital role in digital marketing, making it the key to the success of most websites and companies out there. Having this kind of advertisement can develop the entire ranking of your site since this thing can make people come through it in just one click of a mouse. But this comes with writing connected or famous keywords that people usually use to search, in this way the PPC can accumulate more people to go to your website and give higher engagements.

Social Media

It might not be that visible that there is a PPC in this social media platform but there sure are. Remember watching your friend’s stories on Facebook or Instagram then the next story is an ad or a promotion of a brand and company? That is a form of PPC. 

Another is that when you are scrolling in your news feed and see a post that is sponsored that is also a form of PPC since when you click it it will redirect you to their website and try to encourage you to buy a product or service from them.

Lastly is when you are watching a clip on Facebook or Instagram but suddenly there are Facebook ads and Instagram ads that when you click will redirect you to their page, this is a form of PPC. See the advantage of the company here, they can earn money by having advertisements like this that the people can lure themselves into the trap.

Search Engines

These are the ones that were also listed above. Search engines are the engines we used to search things on the Internet. These are Google, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and many more. 

With these engines, the advertisements that are a form of PPC can be seen daily whenever we search for a thing. For example, you will search ‘youtube to mp4 converter’ the results will show you 2 of the same websites at the top, the link that is at the top is a form of PPC since it most likely has the words ads on them. With that, the website can earn by just clicking the link by people.

But these can be hard since having people be lured to your website means that you need to use the right words and phrases. These are called keywords, having these can make your life easy since most of the time, many people use the same words when they search for the same thing.

Pay Per Click - What It Is and It's Future in Digital Marketing in the Philippines second | JAF Digital Marketing Services

Since PPC has paved its way to another technique in digital marketing it sure will secure its spot in the future that is full of advertisements. If you ever see an article at the top of the search page or engine, you can easily identify that it was PPC. But remember, you can identify them but avoiding them is almost impossible because of how long you use the Internet. In many ways, it can pop up in your search engine and even the social media you are using.

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