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Paid Search Services vs. Organic Search Marketing | JAF Digital Marketing Services

Paid Search Services, in itself, is an effective Internet Marketing strategy. This puts you on top of the web search results page quickly and you’ll be on top for as long as you are paying for the ad to run. Clicks and Conversion rates are also higher than organic campaigns, as expected for paid advertising. Competition has made it common for brands to invest in PPC Services.

PPC Services and Organic Search work hand in hand when used together. When a site has strong organic search results, Google has discovered that their PPC advertising on the same SERP will have a higher click-through rate. According to another study, the phenomenon can also work in reverse, with sponsored search boosting the outcomes of organic ads.

One of the ways to integrate these two types of marketing strategies is to use paid search services to test organic keywords. By pushing keywords on top of the search results page through paid ads, you can gauge the amount of interest it attracts. Depending on the results, you can adjust your organic marketing strategies. A high bounce rate but low conversion rate means the keyword does not fit with your goal. On the other hand, if the keyword performs well then, you can build an entire strategy around it and even slowly transition from ppc to organic search.

On the flip side, you can use your organic keyword research to determine your target paid keywords. If a keyword performs well organically, it will perform amazingly on paid campaigns, with higher click rates and improved conversion. Another option is to use paid search for keywords that bring results but are difficult to rank highly for. These keywords are highly relevant but extremely difficult to reach the top of the search results page because of intense competition.

Organic Search Marketing, on its own, can also be as effective if done properly. While paid search services can get you on top of web search results quickly, organic search can keep you on it longer and it will cost you a lot less. It will take more time and effort to get to the top but it can be maintained by effort for a fraction of the amount.

Paid Search Services vs. Organic Search Marketing second | JAF Digital Marketing Services

While paid traffic is fast and generates a quick influx of visitors and customers, it can cost more. A successful paid ad campaign requires quality ads and a budget that can support paid traffic for a long time. The quality of your ads also has to overcome the negative perception of online users towards paid advertising. 80% of Google users avoid paid ads and 44% of Facebook users avoid clicking on ads. It’s a hurdle that can be overcome with quality-made ads.

For businesses that can’t support paid ads for a long period of time, organic search marketing is the perfect alternative. Organic traffic helps Google determine the relevancy of your website and boosts ranking as organic traffic improves. The scale of Google users makes organic traffic a vital marketing channel. Organic traffic also lasts longer than paid traffic. Paid traffic stops when you stop paying for it but as you increase your content, organic traffic increases with time.

The biggest difference between organic search vs. paid search is the cost. PPC focuses on paid ranks, whereas organic search focuses on unpaid rankings in search results. Companies employ SEO to improve their site’s visibility or rankings in organic search results.

Both strategies have their own advantages and disadvantages, but it is widely accepted within the industry that in the long term, organic search is more beneficial than paid search. Paid search, which can be costly, can be effective for a limited time. The best strategy is to use both.

If you haven’t decided which one is best for you and would like to know more, contact JAF Digital Marketing. We are an outstanding digital marketing agency that can help you choose which marketing strategy works for you.

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