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There isn’t any shortcut or effectiveness to getting it right the first time you outsource digital marketing in Philippines. But you’ll get nearer to how the successful top digital marketing companies in the Philippines have done it and the way they made outsourcing work for them.

1. Study and Research the Market

It always starts doing careful research of your market, your competitors, then the outsourcing of digital marketing in the Philippines generally. Understand the market itself, spot the risks and threats but be mindful of the opportunities that outsourcing offers for tiny businesses. It’ll facilitate you to get the correct options and to the possible offshoring companies before you finally choose the most effective one.

2. Choose Services You Prefer to Outsource

Identify the challenging tasks your business has and come up with a scheme that has all the things you need before outsourcing specific services you favor.

3. Come Up With a Clear View of Why You Want to Outsource

The representation should be detailed to help make a choice which of these tasks can be outsourced and what to retain internally. The outline of the responsibilities will also guide your outsourcing partner to screen prospective applicants that best meet your qualifications and requirements for the work. For budgeting reasons, your description will determine whether you’ll acquire a beginner or a senior web programmer, or a developer.

4. Create a List of Specific Tools and Software You Need

Make a list of tools, equipment, and software that will be used in performing the tasks and responsibilities of your staff more efficiently. The client’s reason to hire you is to maximize their time attending to other clients, so you better have the proper tools and software for the job. Some software, however, isn’t yet included so it’s either you’ll be billed for this or you may send your own software to your client.

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5. Create a List of Staff You Need for the Specific Outsourcing Service You Choose

Outsourcing can’t be done by a one-man team, you may need other staff to perform a critical business process which will be costly at your end. It is best to hire a team of professionals that can produce different tasks and can get your projects done more efficiently.


6. Having Flexible Employment

Outsourcing gives you the flexibility to manage your people and their tasks. It also allows you to employ people on a short-term or on a per-project basis. By knowing these things, it’ll be cost-effective to finish your estimated project completion time and allocate budget and staff properly. Then once you get to the center of this aspect, select a start date for the outsourcing transactions, from contract signing to the sign-off date of the project.


7. Allocating Outsourcing Budget

As much as possible, the monthly budget must be set realistically so that you can trace your investment, measure the return on investment of the top digital marketing agency in Philippines.


8. Requesting for a Free Quote

Once you’re through with these preliminary inputs, you’ll be able to start sending a letter of invitation for a quote to your prospective clients. This is to inform them with your requirements and fees.


Now it’s like you’re ready to outsource digital marketing in the Philippines. Just remember, outsourcing has its pros and cons. But don’t quickly jump to the conclusion about anything bad or negative you read or heard about this business model. 

Make your own investigation and test your prospective outsourcing providers about their ability to satisfy your requirements. Rummage around for recommendations and testimonials about their processes and approaches to work. Now, with all insights in, we’re sure your view about outsourcing will simply change and judge in favor of this strategy.

In the event that you are keen on our digital marketing services or white label digital marketing then don’t hesitate to call JAF Digital Marketing now!

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