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How to Grow your Business with Facebook Marketing Services | JAF Digital Marketing Services

It has been a while since brands recognized the importance of Facebook Marketing Services in growing their businesses. Having a Facebook presence is necessary for all businesses but having a legitimate Facebook Marketing plan makes a lot of difference.

Facebook has implemented a lot of enhancements since it first joined the marketing scene. It has grown tremendously since its days as a platform to connect classmates. Today, it utilizes a chatbot to sell products and services, host 360-degree videos, schedule appointments, among other equally amazing things you would never have dreamed of when it first started.

Having 1.56 billion daily active users makes Facebook an integral part of every marketing strategy. Facebook Marketing Services target the potential social influence and the amount of attention Facebook owns. For most people, Facebook is the internet and some operate their businesses entirely on Facebook. From marketing, eCommerce, and customer service, all are done on the platform.

There are two types of Facebook Marketing strategies: Inbound and Outbound.

1. Outbound Marketing

Outbound marketing is when businesses reach out to put their business in front of customers. Using Facebook ads is a great example of outbound marketing. 

Facebook’s Ads Manager is the perfect place for businesses to start advertising. They offer reports and analytics of your ads and everything you need to know about the performance of your ads is neatly laid out. With the information available, you can adjust your marketing strategy.

Facebook also allows you to target your exact audience and cater to a specific objective. It even has a feature to target a similar audience to the people who interacted with your business. With Facebook’s scale, you can target a wider audience using Facebook ads. However, you should be specific on who to target to maximize advertising costs.

How to Grow your Business with Facebook Marketing Services second | JAF Digital Marketing Services

2. Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing engages a target audience by connecting them with relevant content via natural channels such as search engines and social media sharing. The idea is to create content relatable to your audience and hope that the product or service you offer fits their goals. Inbound marketing is done where customers spend their time: Facebook.

Facebook already has all the tools businesses need to connect with customers. They can create, distribute, and share content and they can engage publicly and privately with customers. All within the platform.

The content you share on Facebook should reflect your brand. Contents should never be spammy, annoying, or deceiving.

Sharing content is easy enough, the challenge is deciding what and when to post. Every marketing strategy starts with understanding your target audience. Conducting market research guarantees that you are targeting the right people. Know what your audience needs, wants, their goals, and determine how you attract their interest and how to convert their interest to the sale. 

Schedule your posts. Use an editorial calendar to plan your Facebook content. Marketing consumes a lot of time and consistent release of content is essential in every marketing strategy. Using a social media content calendar can help free some of your time.

Explore the features Facebook offers to help you connect to customers like using Facebook forms to generate leads, chatbots to make sure your customers get immediate response, analyzing analytics to know your page’s performance, and more.

Facebook marketing requires commitment. The tasks involved should be consistent and maintained long-term. Performance should be analyzed regularly and strategies should be modified just as often. Businesses choose to outsource digital marketing Philippines for this reason. 

Businesses can get professional Facebook Marketing Services to maximize the marketing potential available on Facebook. JAF Digital Marketing is the top outsource digital marketing Philippines provider. Contact us to know more about our digital advertising services.

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