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How Does Google Ads Work | JAF Digital Marketing Services

Google Ads presents your ads and campaign to sales leads or customers interested in your product or service. Search phrases or keywords are bid by advertisers, and the highest bidders get their ads visible widely in search results, on YouTube videos or on relevant websites, depending on the type of ad campaign.

There are several aspects that drive your capacity to develop successful and high-performing Google Ads. JAF Digital Marketing & IT Services, a leading company for paid advertising, goes over them in detail below, along with several Google Ads samples.

Quality Score and AdRank

AdRank presents where your ads run, and Quality Score is one of two elements that specify your AdRank, the other being bid value. Make sure you know that your Quality Score is derived on the value and significance of your ad, and Google looks at that by how many people are browsing on your ad when it’s shown, or your CTR. Your click-through rate is determined by how well your ad fits searcher intent, which can be identified from three key areas:

  • Your keywords usefulness.
  • If your ad wording and call to action matches the searcher’s demands,
  • Your landing page’s interactions for users

When you first set up your Google Ad campaign, even before you increase your bid amount, you should focus the majority of your attention on your quality score. If you have a higher QS, you’ll save money on purchases and be better positioned in the marketplace


On Google Ads, you can choose a geographic area where your ad will be visible.  You should indicate your location if you have an online business and an actual goods. The sky’s the limit if you offer a service or product that can be accessed by people throughout the world.

Your location settings will affect placements. For example, if you own a restaurant in San Francisco, someone searching for a “restaurant” in New York will not get your result. Because Google’s principal goal is to show the most relevant results to users, even though you are paying.


Keyword research is vital for both paid and organic searches. As closely as possible, your keywords should match what people are searching. This is because Google will match your ads to relevant targeted keywords based on the keywords you selected.

Your campaign’s ad groups will target one to five keywords, and Google will display your ad depending on those selections.

Types of Keywords Matching

Match Types provide you some flexibility when it comes to keyword selection — they signal to Google whether you want to match a search query precisely or whether your ad should be shown to everyone who enters a semi-related search query. Match types are available in four different ways

 Broad Match is the standard setting, which matches any word in your keyword phrase, regardless of its sequence. For example, “holistic yoga in Sydney” will match “holistic yoga” or “yoga Sydney.”

 Modified Broad Match allows you to incorporate certain keywords within a keyword phrase by adding a “+” symbol to them. Locked in words will be at least one of the words you find when you search for something. For example, “+holistic yoga in Sydney” could result in “holistic,” “holistic living,” or “holistic living tips.”

 Phrase Match will deliver results for searches that contain your keyword phrase in its whole but may also contain extra words before or after it. For example, the search term “holistic yoga” may produce results such as “spotted holistic yoga” or “holistic yoga benefits.”

 Exact Match keeps the order of your keyword phrase. For example, if people search “holistics yoga” or “holistic yoga class,” the term “holistic yoga” will not appear.

 It’s better to start with a broad match and narrow it down as you learn more about your persona’s search habits. This will allow you to see which queries are most effective. Because your ad will be ranking for various queries, some irrelevant, you should check it closely and update it as needed.

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Ad Extensions

Ad Extensions are great for Google Ads because they are free and provide users more options to interact with your ad. These extensions are classified as follows:

Sitelink Extensions can make you stand out by adding more links to your site that attract users to click.

Call Extensions let you publish your phone number in your ad, giving users additional ways to contact you. Include your phone number if you have a customer support team ready to chat and convert.

Location Extensions feature your address and phone number in your ad so Google can show directions to you.  “near me” search query is great for businesses with a storefront 

Offer Extensions function with existing offers. Ads can be more effective if users discover that your offers are cheaper than those of the competition.

App Extensions link mobile users to an app download. This eliminates the need to re-search for and download the software from an AppStore.

Retargeting with Google Ads

Ads retargeting enables you to promote to users who have previously connected with you online but weren’t converted. Ads will be targeted to users based on tracking cookies. Remarketing works because prospects must see your marketing multiple times before becoming a client.

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JAF Digital Marketing & IT Services Is A Google Ads Expert

JAF Digital Marketing is the best digital marketing agency in the Philippines. We can improve your existing network and market it extensively using Google Ads and our expertise in operations. We have smart and effective Paid Search Marketing strategies.

JAF Digital Marketing Philippines can immensely boost your business by utilizing google ads and other marketing strategies like social media marketing, web development, lead generation and IT services. We can help you access the audience who are actively searching for business-related services and solutions.

With JAF Digital Marketing google ads expertise, experience more leads, more sales! Call us to get started!

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