How Can YouTube Ads Help Boost Revenues for a Filipino Company?

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How Can YouToube Ads Help Boost Revenues for a Fililpine Company | JAF Digital Marketing Services

In this age where everything goes digital, is it really worth the investment for Filipino companies to spend on YouTube advertising? In this post, JAF Digital Marketing, one of the best digital marketing companies in the Philippines, discusses how your company can benefit from YouTube Ad spending.

Filipinos Spend a Lot of Time on YouTube

As of early 2022, it is estimated that there are 56.5 million YouTube users in the Philippines. This means YouTube ads reached 74.3 percent of the total internet users in the country. More than 85% of Filipinos online also watch YouTube videos. This makes YouTube the most popular online video sharing platform in the Philippines. These numbers show how big YouTube can help any MSME in the country. You just need to have the basic knowledge about how it works and a reliable team of digital marketing agents like JAF Digital Marketing.

YouTube Has Made It Easy to Setup an Ad Campaign

Just like in any Google product, creating an ad campaign in YouTube was made easy thanks to the interactive website and easy to follow instructions listed. Even a non techy business owner can easily set up his campaign for YouTube paid ads. But if you want successful online paid advertisements, then partnering with a professional digital marketing agency like JAF Digital Marketing, is a great move.

Monitoring Performance Is Easy and Included in the Account

If you wish to check who viewed your ads there is a google ads reporting included for free. Different metrics are also available there to help you gauge your campaign is hitting its goal. No need to worry about navigating through the system.  It has its own dedicated online Help Center document you can read through for guidance.

There Are Different Kinds of Ad Formats to Choose From

There are different types of ads that appear on YouTube. Each ad format has a specific target campaign which makes it easier for the advertiser to choose what will work best for him.

How Can YouToube Ads Help Boost Revenues for a Fililpine Company second | JAF Digital Marketing Services

Dedicated Support Team

If you will experience difficulties on  your YouTube ad campaign, they have a dedicated support team. Whether it is about setting up the campaign or questions about your ad performance, YouTube has allotted dedicated professionals to help you.

Already interested in spending for YouTube advertising but still don’t know how to start? You can reach out anytime to get a free quote from JAF Digital Marketing! Our mission is simple : to provide high-quality digital marketing support and services to our clients. Results guaranteed.

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