Digital Marketing Myths: To Believe or Not?

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Digital Marketing Myths To Believe or Not | JAF Digital Marketing Services

As a kid, we once believed in myths, legends, fables, tales, even epics, or in unicorns, mermaids, Santa Claus, tooth fairies, and others. This is where our dreams started and we did like the fact that these fictional characters are part of our life.

Have you ever thought of this thing called ‘digital marketing myths?! At first, well, it didn’t even pop into our minds, but the thing is, some digital marketers also believed in it, admit it or not. Here are some of the myths that digital marketers believed:

Not for Small Businesses

You deserve to use digital marketing no matter how big or small your business is. Remember, those big businesses also started at the beginning, so there should be equality. This is one of the common beliefs that most small-to-midsize businesses (SMBs) are eyeing. All different brands, products, and companies from various industries are acquired businesses so digital marketing can be a part of it.

Not a Priority

Imagine before this digital world and evolving technology, businesses tend to introduce and expose their companies and products through different media such as for television and radio, newspapers, and other print media and have no idea of the percentage of the potential customers and clients they can get? We bet you don’t want to go back to the traditional and embrace today’s blessings in getting the attention of the target audience. So, YES. DIGITAL MARKETING IS A PRIORITY.

Website is Enough For Online Visibility

There are an estimated 40 million internet users in the Philippines. Based on data from Internet World Statistics, Google reported that the Philippines are next only to Indonesia in terms of Internet usage in Southeast Asia. These users are exploring most of the social media so we can’t say that having a website to expose your business online is enough to reach your target audience. People can’t even find your website in the first place without the help of digital marketing wherein Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Creation and Pay-per-click Advertising takes place.

Will Depend on Competition’s Strategy

Your competitor’s strategy is theirs, so always think outside the box and stay unique! Turn your tables to other opportunities and strategies that your competition doesn’t have. If you think your specific competition does not involve digital marketing, then you should never rely on it. Break the silence and simply reverse the psychology! Let them wonder why you are dealing with digital marketing – why you are getting more sales, exposure, and why you reach a large number of potential customers effectively.

Digital Marketing Myths | JAF Digital Marketing Services

Email Marketing is Out of the League

Emails will always be one of the effective marketing strategies since then ‘till now! Most businesses still deal with Email marketing for it has a sure return of investment (ROI) and people engage with these emails for they find it more professional.

Putting a Personal Touch

They say that your business represents who you truly are as an individual and is a unique business that uses personalization and can always reach audiences effectively. Through personalized marketing, you can have a chance to know your customers intimately as if you were your best friends and find delivering content more relevant and special to them.

Using hashtags

Digital marketers tend to use hashtags to start a conversation and thread online, but in some businesses, they just find it as a requirement and a bit overacting that most of the words are put on to hashtags. Always remember that hashtags are not always required for every content that you post. Stick to a specific hashtag to help your companies, businesses, products, and brands boost up their online presence.

JAF Digital Marketing: Your Partner in Busting All These Digital Marketing Myths

These are some of the digital marketing myths that you shouldn’t believe in. Find experts like JAF Digital Marketing, who can explain digital marketing more deeply and how it can help you with your businesses. Still, believe in digital marketing myths? Tell us what we missed and visit https://jafdigital.co/ or contact JAF for more!

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