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Business competitors are left and right. Advertisements have been long used for distinguishing the competition from one another. This marketing tool allows businesses to make potential customers perceive that their business is best among the rest. Advertisements should always be geared to attract customers in remembering your brand or availing your products or services. But making one to have that ideal effect can be difficult. Below are the characteristics that your ads should have for them to be effective.

1. Memorable

An easy to remember ad influences people in their decision making process. Past experiences and memories help us decide faster. So if your ad is memorable, when the time comes that they need to avail your product or service, yours is the first one they have in mind.

2. Short and simple

Because of so many things happening in our lives and around us, we lose interest in things that take much of our time and effort. This also applies to advertisements. If it is too long and complicated, it loses our attention.

3. Original and creative

If your competitor’s ad is gaining lots of attention, never produce an ad that is the exact copy. You will most likely lose your credibility in this scenario. Instead, make an ad that stands out. Don’t be afraid to try new things. People like fun and entertaining ads.

4.True to its word

Never put lies in your advertisement’s statements just to gain new customers. People hate false advertising. People putting trust in your business then having them disappointed will greatly impact your business negatively. Fool them once and they most probably won’t return to you again.

5. Reaches your target audience

Advertisements are not usually made to target everyone. Identify the audience you wish to buy your products or avail your services before creating your ads. Know their interests and preferences then incorporate them in your ads. Aside from this, know what medium will be most efficient in reaching your target audience. Does your audience watch the tv often or browse different social media platforms as part of their daily routine?

6. Keeps the ball rolling

Try to create continuously catchy ads. Don’t aim for a one-hit wonder because people tend to lose interest quickly. Keeping people’s attention improves your business’ credibility. It also lets people perceive that your business is a successful one and increases likability.

Characteristics of an Effective Advertisement | JAF Digital Marketing Services

Effective Advertising with JAF Digital Marketing

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