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Benefits of Digital Marketing for Filipino SMEs | JAF Digital Marketing Services

Ten to fifteen years ago, Digital Marketing was still unknown in the Philippine’s business sector. Those were the times when advertising and marketing were limited to television, radio and print ads. At present, the internet has become part of the lives of many Filipinos. From entertainment, information dissemination and even consumerism, we get it through our online usage. 

Base on DataReportal, there are 73 million internet users in the Philippines as of January 2020. If you are a small business owner, imagine how big of the Filipino population are easily reached via online or digital marketing. You can hire a professional digital marketing agency in the Philippines, like JAF digital Marketing, to maximize the benefits of the online world. Continue reading this blog to learn more about the effects of digital marketing on Filipino businesses.

What is Digital Marketing?

Also known as a multi-channel marketing system, digital marketing is the process of engaging customers or prospects across every digital channel and on any device. This is the modernized way of reaching as many people as you can at the same time to introduce your brand. Based on an article from BusinessWorld, 60% of Filipino small business owners rely on technology to keep their business running.

Why Filipino SMEs Should Consider Using Digital Marketing?

1. Your business becomes more searchable.

Imagine if a person gets hungry in the middle of the night. He types the food he is craving on the internet’s popular search engine. One click and thousands of options are available for him to choose from. If you are using digital marketing for your food business and your business name pops on his screen then you might be the lucky one, he calls for delivery. What if 1,000 more people feel hungry the same time this person got hungry and they all choose your restaurant? Think about how many prospects you can reach just because you have effective paid advertising schemes online. Online marketing can boost your brands’ popularity in no time. You just have to know how to maximize it properly.

2. Online marketing levels the playing field.

Whether you are a small business owner or a pioneer company, all have equal footing on the online world. If a startup company has an effective Facebook advertising or sponsored ads on different social media platforms, it has the ability to compete in attracting shared traffic online. Nowadays, different marketing processes are not limited to large corporations only.

3. Generate strong sales leads.

As you reach more online consumers, the chances of increasing your sales are very promising. Customer engagement became easier and more accessible online. You can introduce your products and services in many different ways. Just do it in the most creative way possible to get the interest of your prospects. Choose a trusted digital marketing expert in the Philippines to ensure the growth of your business.

4. Online marketing is way cheaper than traditional marketing.

Compare the cost of a television or print ad with an online advertising like Google ads. For sure, online advertisements are less expensive than their traditional counterparts. If you will notice, only large corporations have lots of TV commercials and print ads. This is because they have a large amount of money to shell out for that reason. As a part of SME, you have now the power to compete with these large companies through the digital world.

5. Easier way to gain consumers’ trust.

When you are looking for a certain product, most of the time you turn to the internet to search for online testimonials. The effectiveness or the quality of your product is now easier to prove with just one post from any of the most popular social media platforms in the Philippines. Good reviews are very important to a business’ success.

Benefits of Digital Marketing for Filipino SMEs second | JAF Digital Marketing Services

How JAF Digital Marketing can Help Filipino SMEs?

We are a digital marketing company that is dedicated to helping all our clients reach success on their business ventures. Our team of digital marketers are all knowledgeable with the latest trends in online marketing. Make your business on top with JAF Digital Marketing – so call us now to get started!

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